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As I get older (I’m 43), I find less is more when it comes to makeup. But more than that, the foundation is the most important part. In our youth, we take for granted the natural plumpness of our skin. Preferring to worry about what comes out of it, ie. pimples and zits, and how the surface looks. When we get older we equally take for granted the foundation, worrying more about wrinkles and sallowness.

I suggest we begin to pay more attention to the foundation of our skin by adding into our beauty regimen natural oils and toners that will give our faces back some of that fleeting suppleness that comes with aging. Many don’t know that a regimen that includes a good face oil serum reduces skin oiliness. Yes, a good face oil that is non-comedogenic fools your face’s sebum glands into thinking they’ve produced enough, therefore reducing face oiliness rather than exacerbating it over time.

Oil blends such as grapeseed, rosehip seed, sea buckthorn, squalane, jojoba, and argan oils are excellent re-plumpers (yes, I made that up) for the face. They not only are absorbent and non-greasy when mixed together as a serum, but they are also multifunctional – helping with skin dryness, age spots, adult onset acne, and wrinkles. Frankincense oil is the holy grail and will brighten, tighten, soften, and smooth your skin. I can’t live without it!

Along with my face oil serum, I incorporate a good pH balancing toner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but an organic, low ingredient, astringent one is always best. Why, because too many competing ingredients could cause irritation.

Astringent toners work to balance our skin by bringing the pH down from more base chemicals such as water and detergents/soaps to a more acidic level. They also close (harden) the pores and give the skin a tighter firmer appearance. Including a good humectant such as glycerin will draw moisture to the skin. I love our I AM So Fine Face Toner. It is a Holy Basil and Aloe Vera distillation that is excellent for tightening and refreshing my skin.

Together with the face serum, I use our I AM Smooth, I get a simple face routine that supports the foundation of my skin. With this combination, I am able to maintain plumpness to my skin and a naturally radiant glow that doesn’t require a lot of makeup. I once again wear makeup to enhance what I have, not to cover it up.

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