This beautiful journey of healthy hair has a lot of ups and downs and more often than not, not a lot of education.  One of the single-most questions we get is "What's Causing My Hair Loss?" For us, beauty is nurtured from both inside and out.  What you do on the outside will only last and thrive if you implement great care on the inside.  That includes your diet, exercise, and affirming your natural value and beauty. Take an inside out approach to your health if you want to overcome hair loss.

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The Problem

Your once beautiful head of hair now has bald spots or sparse areas where there once was fullness. Your edges are thinning or your nape just won't catch up to the length of the rest of your hair.  Why is this happening?

Possible Causes (not all)

  1. Any kind of stress response, auto-immune disease, or recent surgery your body may be in a state of shock, therefore hording its resources (vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and water) for the internal major organs. 

  2. Diabetes, heart medications, and other illnesses.

  3. Vitamin and mineral deficiency. Iron plays an important role as well as B Vitamins and others.

  4. High Sugar consumption.  Through a process called Glycation sugar molecules attach to proteins and lipids (fats) in the body and hair structure and causes them to age faster which means they break easier and often at the scalp. 

  5. Tight styles such as braids, weaves, and/or extensions.

Action Plan.

Talk to your doctor about your medications if you are taking any.  Even visit a dermatologist that specializes in hair loss (alopecia).  Add Hope Renewed to your hair care regimen at least three times per week for at 30 days. Hope Renewed is an all natural herbal blend that has helped many turn the tide on their hair loss. Add Heal & Grow Botanical Hair Oil as a herbal sealant to boost your results.