It’s early spring and the flowers are a bloom.  Many of us are enjoying the milder weather and are working hard to get our hair, skin, and body ready for the summer sun.  As long as you have water and quality natural products (used in moderation) your hair can sing through the April showers and into the May flowers. Here’s a few things you should know about keeping your hair gorgeous in every season:

  • Drink lots of water! This can’t be stressed enough. Beauty starts from the inside and so do your strands. If your body is not properly hydrated your hair will grow brittle from the root leading to quick breakage and less retainage. Water transports vitamins, nutrients, and hormones throughout your body including to your scalp. It also carries away any toxins. Try to drink as much as half your body weight (in ounces (oz)) in water each day.
  • Eat your fruits & vegetables. Try a salad a day of dark leafy greens for copper and iron, which prevent hair loss, and colorful toppings like avocado – counteracts slow hair growth, broccoli – promotes a supple and elastic (breathable) scalp, garlic and red onions – rich in MSM Sulfur for strong hair strand structure, and a whole host of others. Not only will you have gorgeous hair but a fabulous body and skin to go along with it!
  • Strategically layer your humectant containing products. Depending on where you live, the humidity levels of your locale will determine how often you can put water in your hair without getting the frizz.  For those of us with curly to kinky hair, the frizz mixed with humectant-rich products can take our hair from well defined to a big ball of frizz confusion. Humectants like glycerin, propylene glycol, beeswax, etc. are a curly girls best friend and make our favorite products work better by attracting moisture to our strands.  But! depending on the humidity can either work for you or against you and should be layered with other products with little to no humectants. In highly humid areas such as the southeastern US,  humectant rich products could cause frizz. Whereas in low humidity areas humectants could be drying,  In either climate you may benefit from adding a light oil to finish your styling.
  • Keep it clean.  Contrary to the the urban legend that your hair grows better dirty- clean hair and a healthy scalp is the way to go.  Stop the insanity. Healthy hair, be it short or long, no matter how you rock it needs to be clean in order to be shiny and resilient.
  • Treat your scalp. Gently massage your scalp between washes/rinses. Use a light carrier oil such as olive oil mixed with an essential oil like rosemary or tea tree oil. With a dollop on your finger tips work in circular motions on your scalp. Try either our MAKEBA Heal & Grow. If oils are not your thing try a nice cream moisturizer like our Babassu Bliss.
  • Reduce Heat. We all know that heat is drying. No matter how it’s used, it usually ends up dehydrating, evaporating, and leaving dry something or another. Prolonged heat causes damage and reduces elasticity. Hair with body and movement, soft coils and fat curls require elasticity to be bouncy and spring back into shape. Too much heat hinders this and leaves strands permanently straight and limp.
  • Get regular trims. Yes, make sure the already dead dry ends are gone. They sap moisture from the rest of your hair.